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Software Implementation

Whether a company is implementing a new point solution, an entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or expanding functionality into their existing application suite, no business scenario is too complex for EAG. Our software implementation team consists of highly skilled software consultants, technical engineers, and oil and gas functional experts who implement best-in-class technology. We help our clients significantly improve operations by maximizing system functionality coupled with automation, integration, and data consistency. Once deployed, the combination of new technology and processes simplify our clients’ day-to-day jobs- energizing them to tackle high-priority tasks and focus on value-driven KPIs.

EAG effectively allocates the right resources, which includes client stakeholders to take on different phases of the software implementation project at critical times. Resources allocated strategically means greater productivity and less spend in the future. We deliver on time, and on budget software implementation solutions that withstand fast-paced, volatile environments, and help oil and gas organizations set a new standard of operational excellence.

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We Provide Clients With

  • Detailed, Thorough Project Management Plans 
  • Software Demo Facilitation 
  • System Interface Design  
  • Integration & Automation 
  • Data Cleansing  
  • Data Migration  
  • User Training & Testing  

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