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Reporting & Analytics

EAG’s reporting and analytics team helps companies unlock the full value of their data by identifying source systems for key data elements and creating meaningful reports. We understand that as businesses collect more data, the difficulty lies in finding the time to review the information and draw conclusions that drive companies forward. 

Effective reporting and analytics goes beyond the collection of data, but involves a broad spectrum of reporting techniques that enables information to flow upward, downward, or laterally in organizations, reaching intended stakeholders in a timely manner. We align data strategy to clients’ unique business goals, and our clients benefit from getting the right data faster, with flexible, customizable, and scalable reports. 

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We Provide Clients With

  • Simplified data in digestible formats  
  • An “app-like “user experience with drill-down capabilities  
  • Visuals, dashboards, and role-based views 
  • Prebuilt custom data connectors  
  • Plug and play reports  

EAG Reports Inventory:

  • Accounting  
  • Administration & Security  
  • Asset Level Revenue  
  • Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) 
  • Contract Management 
  • Division Order & Disbursements
  • Financials
  • Fixed Assets  
  • Land  
  • Lease Operating Expense (LOE)
  • Lease Operating Statement (LOS)
  • Purchasing 
  • State & Federal Regulatory
  • Volumes  

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