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Back-Office Outsourcing

Our back-office outsourcing team at EAG consists of highly qualified, experienced oil and gas accounting, land, and production professionals who execute ongoing back-office functions for both upstream and midstream oil and gas companies. Our team handles everything from processing revenue and joint interest billing to reporting for production and regulatory for our clients.

Accounting Outsourcing

Our goal is to help clients save time and cut costs. We do so by staffing fractionalized resources and implementing technology to handle key accounting processes; significantly cutting monthly G&A spend – and enabling timely and accurate decision making with robust reporting. Since we invest in the latest technology and implement software for clients, we ensure their processes are streamlined which positions them to easily scale and focus on value creation.

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We Provide Clients With

  • Master Data Setup & Maintenance  
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Vendor Management  
  • AFE Management 
  • Joint Interest Billing  
  • Revenue Distribution  
  • Gas Balancing 
  • Fixed Asset Management  
  • Inventory Management  
  • General Ledger Accounting  
  • Cash Management  
  • Print & Mail Services  
  • Financial Reporting  
  • Payout Reporting  
  • Budget to Actual Reporting 
  • LOS Reporting 
  • LOE Reporting  
  • Monthly Operational Reporting 
  • Quarterly & Annual Reporting 
  • Federal, State, & Regulatory Reporting 
  • 1099 Processing & Reporting  
  • SOC & SOX Management  

Volumetric Accounting Outsourcing

Our Production Accounting subject-matter experts help bring better solutions to oil and gas companies through recommending and implementing the right systems, providing fractionalized resource support that reduce G&A costs, and deploying best practices into critical areas that impact client’s organizations.

We take an investigative look for opportunities to improve operations, reduce costs, and ensure the company remains in compliance. EAG also helps clients with asset acquisitions that either include acquiring the divesting firm’s production system, or implementing a new system, in which cleansing, mapping, and converting data within the Transitional Service Agreement timeframe is handled by the EAG team in a seamless manner.

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We Provide Clients With

  • Master Data Setup & Maintenance  
  • Run Ticket Reconciliation
  • Daily Production Accounting  
  • Monthly Production Accounting 
  • Nominations & Allocations 
  • Gas Plant Processing  
  • Gas Balancing 
  • Transportation Accounting  
  • Shipper Statements & Invoice Processing 
  • Production & Operational Reporting  
  • Federal, State, & Regulatory Reporting 
  • FERC Reporting 
  • SOC & SOX Management  

Land Administration Outsourcing

Our Land Administration outsourcing team at EAG consists of expert-level Lease Records, Division Order, and Owner Relations professionals that cover all aspects of Land Management. Our goal is to help land departments retire the “legacy mindset” in running their daily operations by merging experienced resources, updated technology and efficient process that unlock greater value and enable their organizations to scale effectively.

The most critical items oil and gas leaders should prioritize is having accurate data, and the right systems to manage that data efficiently. We operate off a core principle of converting data that is sound, accurate, and reliable, and implement best-in-class systems, including reporting, which gives clients key insights into their shut-in wells, obligations, acreage, and more.

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We Provide Clients With

Land Administration
  • Land Agreement Setup & Management (Lease, Contract, Deed, & ROW) 
  • Obligation & Payment Management  
  • Recommendation & Expiration Calendars 
  • Payment Processing 
  • Print & Mail Services 
  • Acreage Reporting  
  • Expiration Reporting 
  • Lease Data Sheet Reporting 
  • Lease Bonus Reporting 
  • 1099 Reporting 
  • GIS Mapping 
Division Order
  • Title Opinions, Pooling Agreements, & Joint Operating Agreement Review  
  • Analyze, Calculate, & Maintain Record Title Ownership 
  • Division Order Submissions & Signed Record Maintenance 
  • Maintenance of JIB Decks  
  • Maintenance of Revenue Decks  
  • Legal & Minimum Suspense Management 
  • Division Order Research 
  • SOC & SOX Management  
Owner Relations
  • Billing Questions 
  • Revenue Payment Questions 
  • 1099 Questions 
  • Receipt & Management of Owner Correspondence 
  • Title & Ownership Questions 
  • Lease Validity Questions  
  • Lease Provision Questions 


(Augmentation Management Personnel)

The A.M.P’ed service offering, which stands for Augmentation Management Personnel, involves supplementing an existing workforce with highly-qualified EAG professionals to address specific skill gaps, meet increased demands, or complete projects within a specified timeframe.

Rather than hiring full-time employees, A.M.P’ed allows organizations to temporarily or continuously bring in supplemental talent without the long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with traditional hiring, training and retaining. This enables our clients to quickly scale up or down their workforce based on fluctuating business needs and resource changes. EAG can perform any back-office outsourcing activity, special projects including data cleanup activities, auditing, FERC reporting and more.

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