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"The past nine years have been the most exciting and rewarding years of my career! I love EAG’s culture, people, clients, and teamwork spirt. I have built some of my strongest relationships at EAG and wake up every day enthusiastic about the challenges we will tackle as a team. I truly could not imagine being anywhere else. At EAG I have found my home!"

As an Executive Vice President and the Chief Revenue Officer, Lindsey is responsible for driving revenue for EAG by providing strategic oversight and direction based on industry trends, competitors, and technology. She brings energy, creativity, and vision to the team with her ability to take abstract ideas, break them down into achievable goals, and communicate those goals across the organization. With Lindsey as a key influencer, EAG can continue driving costs down and tackle complex industry problems, improving results for our clients. She is an expert at ensuring all teams at EAG are moving in the same direction to achieve the overall goal, pulls the right team members together, and gets their buy-in to execute solutions for our clients.

Lindsey’s dedication to understanding the challenges our clients face and collaborating with them to determine suitable process and technology solutions has shaped the way the industry does business.

Lindsey Mersman is an Executive Vice President and the Chief Revenue Officer at EAG and has been a part of EAG since 2013. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, with a double Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, and Hotel and Restaurant Administration. Lindsey started her career at EAG as an Analyst on the Consulting Delivery team, working directly with clients to deliver complex software implementation projects.

Her knowledge of the industry quickly expanded, enabling her to rapidly climb the ranks becoming a Consultant, before eventually moving to the Business Development team as a Manager. Lindsey was able to translate the insights gathered from working with clients, into a vision that lead to the growth of what EAG is today. In her time at EAG, Lindsey went from being the sole Business Development team member, assisting, identifying, and closing individual sales opportunities to making EAG one of the best-known service providers within the Upstream and Midstream industries.

Prior to joining EAG, Lindsey spent six years in sales and customer service, responsible for project design, project presentation, contract negotiations, budgeting, implementation, and profitability. Effective communication with diverse personalities and learning styles is one of her key strengths.

When not networking and engaging with clients, Lindsey enjoys exploring Houston or jet setting across the U.S. and International hot spots. Her ideal trip is wandering through a new city experiencing all the food, architecture, and entertainment the location offers.