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Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association’s 85th Annual Convention & Trade Show


Event Date: August 14 – 15, 2022

Event Location: Hyatt Regency, Wichita, KS


For the first time, EAG joined oil and gas service and supply providers, producers, and leaders at the Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association’s (KIOGA) 2022 85th Annual Convention and Trade Show! This event was well attended by more than 500 oil and gas industry professionals nationwide. EAG made new connections and gained a deeper understanding of the challenges Kansas producers are facing, as well as various operators across the country. We were excited to hear about the evolution of oil and gas and how the next generation is ready to embrace digital transformation to achieve greater productivity! Click here to learn how EAG has taken companies from spreadsheets to fully integrated back-office processes using technology  www.eaginc.com.

(Lindsey Mersman, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer (Left), and
Harriet Robinson, Business Development Manager (Right)
at KIOGA’s 2022 85th Annual Convention and Trade Show making connections on the expo floor!)




Founded in 1937, KIOGA is a nonprofit member organization representing oil and natural gas producers and allied services and supply providers. KIOGA promotes the development of oil and gas through bipartisan political engagement with federal, state, and local government regulators. With nearly 3000 members, KIOGA is the primary voice for advocacy in the Kansas oil and gas industry. They collaborate with other trade associations to educate stakeholders about the oil and gas industry with a vision to create greater sustainability industry wide. Each year, KIOGA hosts an oil and gas convention where political and industry leaders share insights about the current state of the industry, best practices, and more.
To learn more about KIOGA click here KIOGA 2022 85th Annual Convention & Trade Show Website.