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EAG is a versatile consulting, back-office outsourcing, and IT outsourcing firm dedicated to several industries. Primarily serving the upstream and midstream oil and gas markets, EAG also extends its select IT services to the manufacturing, engineering, and transportation industries. Our comprehensive products solutions are specifically designed to meet diverse industry needs, at any stage of their company lifecycle. Let EAG be your trusted partner.

Upstream Oil & Gas:

EAG is an authority in delivering comprehensive solutions specifically for the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors. Leveraging years of industry expertise, our deliverables are based on proven methodologies and best-in-class technology designed to withstand the cyclical nature of the industry and power your business forward. Our clients manage operations more efficiently with greater automation, predictability, and better access to key reports and analytics for informed decision making. We recognize the intricate nature of oil and gas processes and offer customized strategies that empower businesses to overcome sector-specific challenges.

Midstream Oil & Gas:

As a reliable partner in the midstream oil and gas sector, EAG offers an array of services designed to improve operations, reduce costs, and ensure your company remains in compliance. Our highly qualified team of experts address unique midstream challenges head-on and deploy solutions that remain long after our initial engagement. Our clients benefit from enhanced gas plant processing, transportation accounting, shipper statement and invoice processing, regulatory reporting, and more.

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Manufacturing, Engineering, Transportation:

EAG’s prowess extends beyond oil and gas, reaching the Manufacturing, Engineering, and Transportation industries offering select IT services. We specialize in uncovering the hidden cost traps that plague many businesses and offer a superior, simplified alternative with our IT Outsourcing services. With EAG as a trusted partner, companies can forget the hassle of dealing with multiple IT vendors, and instead focus on driving their businesses forward.

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