7 Top Oil & Gas Industry Technology Trends

Despite reports assessing low marks in overall digital maturity and adoption, the oil and gas industry stands upon a precipice with its relationship to technology. More and more companies are purchasing enterprise software packages with the intent of streamlining operations and improving real-time data processing. However, business leaders must understand how the services can impact […]

How to Choose The Right Oil & Gas Software for Your Company

Senior leaders at your business may understand the importance of investing in quality oil and gas software, but they might not be sure which one to choose. It’s a costly business decision that you shouldn’t take lightly — one that could impact your company for years to come. So, before you commit to one software […]

Why are Software Evaluations Important for the Oil & Gas Companies?

Every successful business experiences growing pains, but few shocks feel as severe as when your oil and gas company realizes it needs to upgrade its software. You know that such improvements are necessary, but they can also be fraught with conflict and confusion, especially when you don’t have a clear software evaluation plan. We want […]

1 ERP, 4 Best-In-Class Solutions in 30 days.

EAG TRANSFORMED an Upstream Oil & Gas company’s back-office by implementing new software and simplifying the transition of a fast paced and complex acquisition. Back in March of 2021, this Appalachian based company’s strategy was to hire an outsourcing firm to support their Accounting, Production and Division order functions and technology with the goal of […]

EAG is Managing the Overall Health of the Client’s Land System & Resolving the Application Issues That Cause Major Hindrances to Business Continuity.

EAG’s Application Management and Support team is providing key technical and functional application expertise to a client whose Land department recently underwent a major digital transformation. This private, midland based E&P company started operations in 2015 and has a growth strategy of acquiring and developing conventional and unconventional oil properties in the Permian Basin. The […]

Navigating a Complex Transition

EAG takes another upstream oil and gas company to the NEXT LEVEL by implementing top of the line software and navigating a complex data conversion. This company is Houston-based and focused on the acquisition and development of oil and gas assets within various U.S. unconventional resource plays. They recently closed on an asset, which contained: The company […]

EAG Helps an Upstream Client Complete an Acquisition

  NEW ASSET. NEW OPPORTUNITY. A Houston-based upstream company closed on a major acquisition, going from 1 Operated well to 760, 25 Non-Operated wells to 2,160, and 199 Land Agreements to 8,722. The company has a rapid growth strategy and intends to create a scalable organization with low overhead costs.   TIME CRUNCH, DATA CRUNCH. Their […]

7 Reasons Back-Office Outsourcing is the Ideal Strategy

A lot of work goes into cultivating a successful business. Unfortunately, many of those processes — such as human resources and information technology — have nothing to do with the actual product or service you’re delivering. When you hire a top-tier back-office outsourcing firm, professionals handle all of those essential administrative tasks on your behalf. In […]

5 Reasons Your Oil and Gas Company Needs Consultants

Even the most sophisticated oil and gas company will eventually run up against problems and opportunities outside of their expertise, especially if they want to expand. Thankfully, there are consultants who specialize in oil and gas and you can rely on their years of deep knowledge for guidance on your current or future situation. Some […]

How Data Integration Consulting Helps the Oil & Gas Industry

You walked into the office that morning seeking answers about a problem in your lead field office. According to the project lead, some discrepancies about key extraction and distribution processes had arisen, but you didn’t have a clear picture of the issues because of muddled data. The information was there amidst the reports from various […]